How to Start a FAshion Brand: A Complete Guide

We have seen quite some questions in the forums regarding own venture vs employment. There’s always a trade-off between a secure 9-5 employment with sick pay, vacation as well as a steady income and a risky start-up with no actual guarantee on success. As Hapebeast is a blend of the NFT space and fashion, this playbook is written to cover the most vital parts of starting a fashion brand. What is actually required for running a fashion brand? How does the value chain look like? What margins do you need to have to survive in the industry? Where should you start? This comprehensive guide is for all you Hapes that are thinking of starting your own fashion brand. Would you dare to take the leap?

Among other topics, the 38 page long playbook brings up fashion industry trends, team capabilities, funding and fundraising, pricing models, go-to-market strategies, e-commerce, marketing, sales, production and much more!

Download the PDF (4.05mb)